Meta-Therm Fat Burner

90 capsules: Herbal fat burner, energy support and weight loss supplement.


Product summary

Meta-Therm is a thermogenic fat metaboliser and herbal weight management supplement, which supports the body's natural fat burning processes, along with the feeling of fullness, energy levels, thyroid function, carbohydrate, lipid and fatty acid metabolism, stable blood sugar levels and other vital aspects of effective weight loss. This food supplement has been formulated with a specialist combination of synergistic herbs and nutrients. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. FREE UK DELIVERY.


Weight loss • Fat breakdown (lipolysis) • Increased calorie burning • A sluggish metabolism • Lean muscle mass • Energy levels • Regulating appetite • Controlling cravings • Stable blood sugar levels • Satiety • Thyroid gland function • Digestive system health • Internal cleanse and detox • Nutrient and dietary fibre intake • Healthy cholesterol levels • Healthy blood pressure • Carbohydrate, lipid and fatty acids metabolism.