Green Coffee Bean EXTRA

Green Coffee Bean EXTRA is a high-strength, natural slimming formula. It contains green coffee bean (8000mg) derived from "raw" unroasted coffee beans and provides 50% chlorogenic acid (CGA). This green coffee bean supplement is unique, in that it also contains kelp (bladderwrack), cinnamon and cayenne (420mg) for that extra kick, plus iodine and chromium picolinate. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Kosher approved. FREE UK DELIVERY.


Discover the Magic of Sunny Day Green Coffee Bean EXTRA!
Want to unlock your body's potential for a healthier you? Look no further than Sunny Day Green Coffee Bean EXTRA! This extraordinary supplement features a high-strength, natural slimming formula carefully crafted to support your weight management goals. With a potent blend of green coffee bean extract (8000mg) and 50% chlorogenic acid, it's a game-changer. But that's not all - our unique formula also harnesses the power of kelp, cinnamon, and cayenne (420mg) to give you that extra kick you need. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, Sunny Day Green Coffee Bean EXTRA is your ally in the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle. Try it today and embark on your journey towards a happier, healthier you!

• Weight loss • Fat burning • Appetite control • Cravings • Energy levels • A healthy metabolism • Reduced absorption of carbohydrates • The function of the fat-burning hormone adiponectin • Stable blood sugar levels • The appearance of cellulite • The release of fatty acids from fat stored in the body • Cholesterol and triglyceride levels.